Cleaning & Restoration

Chemical Cleaning and Sealing

We can clean and restore natural stone floor tiles back to there original beauty by using a careful method of specially formulated professional natural stone restoration cleaning products that we have used for many years to guarantee exquisite results,
This method will penetrate and clean your stone tiles extracting years of ingrained dirt, stains and bacteria from deep in the tile as we thoroughly clean and restore your natural stone.
After the floor cleaning process we will seal your stone using the highest quality stone sealers to give your natural stone the best worry free protection.
We will only use professional quality sealers and impregnators that will give your stone floor tiles the ultimate protection,
Sealing is the most vital part of protecting and maintaining you marble, limestone, slate, travertine or granite tiled floor against staining, in addition to this we use a variety of sealers that can enhance the colours and structure of your natural stone floor as well as natural finish sealers, gloss or sheen finish sealers.

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